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Design Home PC: Challenging The Game’s Online Events

Design Home is one of the most innovative interior-designing apps available for free on the gaming market. It allows you to explore your creativity in decorating breath-taking 3D-rendered homes with realistic furniture. However, this game is more than just placing and styling interiors. It applied progression elements as well as competitive features to keep players engaged for hours. In fact, we have an extensive list and a compelling overview of Design Home’s features. One of the few notable gameplay mechanics of this game comes in the form of events.

The Challenging Events of Design Home App

Challenges are special online events in the game that lets players design certain homes but with certain restrictions. Some of them include using specific items that match the theme. Other times, it limits the number of rare furniture you can use during the event. Almost every special event in Design Home has restrictive conditions, except for Daily Challenges. As the name suggests, these are objectives that change daily and offer monetary rewards every time players complete them. When there aren’t any special events live in the game, then fulfilling daily challenges should be a priority.

If you’re having trouble figuring out which furniture is required in an event or not, then take a look at the bubbles. They come in two colors namely Purple and Blue. A blue bubble on the furniture icon means that you’re required to place it within the area. Purples, on the other hand, are optional items and can be used to add flavor to the room. Take these into account when participating in any event in the game.
Design Home PC Daily Events
Lastly, you need keys to enter events. Events usually cost 25 keys while daily challenges cost 20. An aspiring interior designer can hold up to 75 keys. Trying to gain more than that without entering events would result in a wasteful endeavor as these do not stack. Each player is given 20 keys daily and can earn more if they vote on other players’ challenge entries.

Earning The Fruits Of Interior Design Labor

Simply completing the required objectives in an event may be enough to complete it, but it won’t win it. Design Home’s competitive mechanics also rely on its players’ ability to judge an interior design. That means it’s up to you and your competitors to vote on your greatest works during the live event. Simply put, you and other interior designers will vote on their favorite designs. You will choose between two decorated rooms, and whoever you choose will get points. The same mechanic applies to your work as well. So it’s a waiting game to the top.

The moment of truth comes when the voters’ results pop in. The rank of your work is determined through stars, and it also depends on the number of votes you got. If you’ve gathered enough votes for a four-star rank, then you’ll get the challenge prize. The rewards are usually additional and rare furniture you can use in other live events.
Design Home PC Live Challenges
If you’re an interior design prodigy, you might be able to net five stars. Doing so will reward you with a bonus of 125 diamonds. So there should be no reason for you to hold back on events. Bring out your best creative interior designs, and climb the leaderboards!

Additional Tips To Take Note of When Playing The Game

Design Home is a fun game that tests how gifted you are in decorating your home. It lets you experiment on various designs that you might want for your actual dream house! Despite being a fun game overall, there are few things you need to take note of.

Diamonds Are A Designer’s Best Friend

The game has two currencies: Dollars and Diamonds. The prior is used to buy furniture. You’ll usually earn these monetary bills by entering and completing events. Some pay $500 while dailies can reward you with $2,500. The latter is more precious as diamonds are used to purchase specific items like decorative plants or pictures. Some rare furniture also cost diamonds. These gems are rare and while you might get some for free, they’re mostly acquired by spending real money. So it’s important to use them sparingly.

Know The Ropes By Going Over The Basics

Design Home is more technically challenging than it is creatively daunting. Some elements are easy to miss when you’re a budding interior designer. It’s important to understand how the game works. And while it has its own tutorial in-game, it wouldn’t hurt to gain a bit of knowledge before deciding to play it. So, try to indulge in our “How to Play” guide and see if this game is truly meant for you. Then if you want to give it a shot, you can download our free-to-play PC version for the ultimate Design Home app experience.