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Design Home: House Renovation Tips

 Are you looking for a strategy guide to help you unlock your creative potential? Do you want your virtual designs to be the most aesthetically-pleasing ones in-game? Then follow these simple tips and you’re on your way to the top!

Impulse Buying Items Are a Spell For Disaster

Design Home offers attractive furniture choices, and it’s understandable if you want to buy all of them. Perhaps you would go for the expensive stuff first– but before you go loco on your spending, stop and think for a while.

Going overboard with your purchases may not be the wisest move as it does little in level progression. There are also better items that are unlocked when you reach a certain level, so best save up for them instead. Maximize your earnings by spending on cheap furniture first.

Minimalism Can Work Wonders for Your Room Design

Design Home offers a variety of design challenges. Each one has its unique objective and requirements. And as for the furnishings, keep in mind there are certain design combinations you can do. However, you will later realize that the game is not as free-form as you might think.

While you are free to add stuff into the room, always remember to meet the requirements. After all, it’s about completing the challenges and earning your keep in the process. Sure, you can personalize as much as you want as long as you get the job done. But wouldn’t that be a waste of your limited resources? Diamonds, in particular, are difficult to get in the game.

Source: YouTube

So try to resist the urge to overdo your room designs. If you can keep the decorations at a minimum, then do so. Play with the design elements if you need to without spending too much.

Always Stick to the Design Theme

When the challenge asks you to create a rustic design, don’t go overboard with fancy-looking furnishings. Otherwise, your design elements will not complement the overall look that it requires. Keep in mind that all the challenges in Design Home have their own themes, and you are required to follow them. So if it calls for a minimalistic approach, don’t throw in leather furniture and fancy accessories.

Monitor The Leaderboard Religiously

Have you ever wondered why some players excel in the game? Do you want to know their secrets? Well, you can! Here’s a nifty trick you can follow;

  • Click on the Trophy icon on the bottom left corner of the screen. This lets you see the list of top players. Then look at what these players are doing. Observe their best practices and try to emulate them.
  • Pick up on what makes their design click. Just be careful not to copy the same thing they’re doing. Just like any competitive game, it’s important to know how your competitors move and adjust accordingly.

We hope these tips work well for you. If you want to let loose your creative side, join the cool challenges in Design Home and play it on PC for a more engaging gaming experience!