How to Play Design Home – Getting Started To Playing On PC

Exhibit your style and win prizes! Play Design Home, the best home interior design game on PC today. Start designing virtual spaces with lots of amazing and beautiful furniture, decorative pieces, and artistic elements. This is not your typical dream house game where everything is in 2D cartoon art. Just by looking at the screenshots, you would know that this design game is better than the others!

In Design Home, you can play as an interior designer based on realistic rooms, designs, and home furnishings. That’s because the game features items from real brands like Design Within Reach, Serena & Lily, Pottery Barn, Noir, Loloi, Kathy Kuo Home, and so much more! And if you want to order the pieces for yourself, you can click on the links in the game and purchase them straight from the brand.

The game’s premise is pretty straightforward. First, you just have to design and fill rooms with matching furniture and decors. Second, you can rate other players’ works and earn rewards. Plus, you’ll get splendid home decorating ideas for your own space too! So discover, renovate, design, and shop with Design Home today.

Bring Out The Interior Designer in You

You can choose from an extensive collection of high-end interior pieces, furniture, and decorations to spice up every dull space in the room. Each day, this game delivers challenges where you must design certain rooms according to particular themes and specifications. The real challenge is how to meet those specifications within your budget.

Home renovations in Design Home are super easy. Every room will have a number of bubbles that indicate where you should place furniture and decors. Certain bubbles are required to be filled, while others are just optional. Sometimes, less is more so you don’t have to decorate each corner of the room. But you are the interior designer in this game, so it’s ultimately your call!

You can start with low-cost challenges to earn rewards, then add new interior items to your collection that you can later match up with other pieces! Once you have a substantial collection of items, you can come up with your own theme and style for each room! If you are not busy doing home makeovers, you can support other players by voting their designs as well. You will even be rewarded for it!




How to Earn More in Design Home

Some players, especially the new ones, tend to give up after running out of in-game currency or Diamonds. Without money, you can’t buy pieces of furniture and other accessories for your home. You can always purchase more currency from the store, but this will cost you real money. Alternatively, you can earn currency through design challenges and by voting among the best design makeovers.

Another way to earn more money and Diamonds in the game is by collecting your daily rewards. Each day, the game gives out free tickets and Diamonds to be collected. Just open the game to collect it, you don’t even have to play or design new spaces to get them. Joining daily challenges, however, can help you earn more cash. So if you want to hoard new furniture and increase cash reserves, then make it a point to join daily challenges!

If you don’t have time or energy to join these daily challenges, there is however another way for you to acquire new pieces of furniture and decor. Just link your Facebook account to the game and borrow some great furniture from your friends! Borrowing will not cost you anything, and those pieces can easily match up with your inventory as well.

Fully Immersive Virtual Interior Designs

Design Home offers a wide variety of properties to design. You can choose to decorate homes, hotels, or even a TV studio! As you play and design more rooms, you will get access to more furniture and aesthetically-pleasing decorations. All these can be used again to spruce up new rooms and spaces!

Immerse yourself in the game’s simple yet engaging online challenges. Flaunt your designs to other players and see what they think of it. If they like what they see, they can upvote your hard work through stars. Who knows? You might even win some new furniture!

You can also progress through the levels when you reach a certain budget threshold. For example, if you spent $20,000 for a particular design challenge, you can move up a level higher. Every time you level up, you get access to more accessories and house decors such as plants and portraits.

Getting Started Playing Design Home On PC

Now that you have an idea of what Design Home can offer based on its features, it’s now time to discuss getting started playing the game on PC. Playing this game on your computer is very simple and easy, especially with the software you can download here. But what will come after that? Well, that’s what we’ll discuss in this section.


Setting Up Your Game Controls

After downloading the software and installing the game on your PC, you can finally start playing it on your computer. However, that is only the beginning because there will be some setups that you will need to do first. And that is setting up your controls. It’s important to remember that you won’t be playing the game any more on a touchscreen device; you will be using your PC’s keyboard to play. The software will have its own pre-set key binds that you can customize for your preference.

To customize your game’s controls, just press F1 or the keyboard icon to access the settings. Once there, press the pen icon to enter the editing mode. Once in editing mode, you can start replacing the keys you want to bind to your controls. Aside from editing the bind keys, you can also add more buttons if needed.

The software can even duplicate a mobile device’s controls like the swipe function, tap, and tilt functions. You can also customize the placings of the buttons, just like on a touchscreen device. Once you’re done setting up the controls to your liking, you can now start playing Design Home without any issues.

Design Home is a fun game to play, and you can see it from its features. But what will make it even better is playing it on a PC, primarily because of the computer’s more extensive and better screen? It’s also great that the software provides you with flexibility when it comes to the controls, as you can customize it in any way you like.